Message from Prime Minister
Imran Khan

There is no question that we are faced with several significant problems. Our debt today stands at Rs30,000 billion but the biggest problem we currently face is the water crisis. When Pakistan was made, every Pakistani had 5600 cubic meters of water. Today that stands at only 1000 cubic meters. We have storage capacity of only 30 days for water when the safe period for water storage is 120 days. India has a capacity of 90 days. This is why making the dam for us is so important. I want to take over the fund-raising and want overseas Pakistanis to contribute.  

The prime minister asked all overseas Pakistanis to make as many donations as they can to the dam’s fundIf every overseas Pakistani donates $1,000, we will have enough to build the dams ourselves. “I will safeguard your donations [against misuse],” he promised. 

Message from Ex. CJP
Mian Saqib Nisar

Ex. Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice (R) Main Saqib Nisar said the motive behind to initiate the campaign ‘I am Pakistan worldwide Movement’ around the world was to create awareness among overseas Pakistani about the importance of ‘Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand’ dams and their construction in Pakistan. 

Keeping in mind the future of Pakistan he further added, the campaign ’I am Pakistan’ have gain momentum not only in Pakistan but also in other countries where a large number of Pakistanis are living and they were donating funds for the dams construction and contributing a large in terms of times and money. 

Message from Chairman IAPWM
Dr. Tanveer H. Gill

We at I Am Pakistan Worldwide Movement are running a campaign of awareness for the people of Pakistan across the globe to understand that Pakistan will reach absolute water scarcity and will run dry by 2025. It is the time to think about our future, our next generations. Come forward as a Nation, join hands together and help Supreme Court initiative to build the Diamer-Bhasha Dam.

Working Model

IAPMW’s working model starts with increasing awareness to the crisis, recruiting key organizers and then assembling volunteers to fundraise for the construction of the dams.